We review the curriculum each year to ensure that it is effective and current with the children’s needs.  It is based on experiential learning and follows a structure of:


Each term, the children will engage in a Engage event such as a special activity day; visit to a specific place or a guest visiting the school.  All the learning builds to a Innovate challenge where the children share the outcomes of their studies with other people in an Engage event. 

Below are the topics covered this year.  As well as these, we enjoy school whole topics based on specific areas of learning or current events such as Arts Week, Book Week or our Healthy Living and Sports Day finale to the year. 

Each year group follows its own curriculum of skills to be learnt.  Click on the year group below to see their skills for the year. 

Year 1 skills

English.      Maths.      Topic.

Year 2 skills

English.      Maths.      Topic.

Year 3 skills

English.      Maths.      Topic.

Year 4 skills

English.      Maths.      Topic.

Year 5 skills

English.      Maths.      Topic.

Year 6 skills

English.      Maths.      Topic.


We follow the National Curriculum and group subects together into Areas of Learning.  For more information about specific Area of Learning in the school, click on the links below to get an overview of each.  


English & Languages


Science & Technology


The Arts

Healthy Living


If you require any additional information about the curriculum, please contact the class teacher or phase leader for your child’s phase. 

For more information regarding reading click on Learning to Read.

You may be interested in the following policies:

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